Ho Ho Ho What to do and Where to go!

Here I am at CTI standing at Karen’s standing desk with her weird ergonomic keyboard on the day of the Christmas party. The big beautiful dog Angus is roaming around the halls looking for action and there is a buzz of voices of working people doing all the things to do as the year draws to a close and things get wrapped up before everyone leaves for a much earned party and week of holiday.

Did you get the comment about standing? I am experimenting with this whole new standing desk concept as Karen and I get ready to redesign our office space to have height adjustable desks. This idea of standing as a way to improve fitness, posture and the inevitable sag of sitting all day is a really cool concept and I have yet to truly experiment with it. So here I am at CTI, thinking I had a meeting to go to that isn’t really happening, so I had some time on my hands and thought I would write a standing blog post and see what happens. I am noticing that the soles of my feet are beginning to feel it and that I have to step away occasionally to shake it out, which can only be a good thing as I take steps to and fro, straighten out my back with a little stretch and swivel over to take a sip of tea or to talk to someone who comes to the door. Oh look I can change the height a bit and it makes it so much better, I can stand up straighter and even feel like I am leaning back a little to stand in the right posture instead of hunching forward. I think this will be a good thing. OK enough on my present time process.

There are lots of things going on as this year draws to an end. Some of the things are not conclusions at all but beginnings. The Summit is filling up and so many cool things are getting designed around it that it is very near imossible to contain my excitement. There are interesting new possibilities showing up daily, which can be a little disconcerting as I think I am finally getting it all nailed down and then this really cool idea comes in that will change the whole beginning and then it is back to the conceptual design board and the stake to see if it will work and how it will work to let the unfolding story of the Summit continue to unfold. Ahhh the design process is sooo much fun especially if what is being designed is brand new and not a revision of something designed before. I have been doing a lot of revision work over the last few years and I must say it is refreshing and challenging to step into something entirely new.

Another exciting thing that is happening is that the book I am working on with David Skibbens on Co-Active Leadership is really taking shape and there are all sorts of interesting things we are playing with in it. We are interviewing some graduates of the program who are living into their quests and we are creating some fun stories and characters that are going through an amazing Leadership Program and the breakthroughs they are having personally and professionally as they progress through the program, and then blending both those things with stands and philosophies that hold our model of leadership.

The thing that is shaping up to be as important as any of these opportunities to stretch my consciousness is what is going on with me and my body. I have lost pounds, fit into clothes comfortably, joined a gym, caught a cold, and have set myself up with accountability structures and toys.

More to come on all these topics. Meanwhile it is off to the party.

One response to “Ho Ho Ho What to do and Where to go!

  1. Cha cha cha changes! It does feel like the start of BIG THINGS as the year comes to it’s calendar end.

    Stand tall and go where no one has gone before. The voyage of the Starship CTI is on its way. WARP 11, Make it so!

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