Pendulum Part 2

While I am riding this pendulum as it swings back towards me paying attention to me, and training myself in the new practice of not becoming so focused on where the pendulum is going, but to hold an awareness of where I have just come from and keep it just as bright as it was when I was swinging towards it.

I need to leap off this pendulum and into a different kind of dance. It’s too hard with all this swinging, twisting and turning and having to choose between foci, keeping them both bright and shiny and making sure I don’t linger too long on either one. This is me living in an either/or world within myself. If I am such a big proponent of a both/and world and I know that in order to evolve and move forward with life I need to be able to dance in the paradox and dwell in the land of polarities looking for a unification rather then fostering and strengthening the poles. So I need to jump off this particular pendulum and do my dance astraddle of these two poles. I need to, with vigorous enthusiasm and my awesome ability to focus with deep and powerful intention on what I choose to, hold 100% commitment and awareness on all that I am doing to live in and with this amazing body that I have and to work with it to make it a body that I can live in with strength and power for many more years and at the same time hold 100% commitment and awareness on all that I am creating and doing to open up the consciousness of all human beings and to assist in the evolution of life through this next leap, this next paradigm shift that we are in the midst of.

Both of these foci need 100% of me and they each need me to be focused on the other at 100% too. The work I am doing for and with my body will make it possible for me to fill out the story of me so that I can proceed down this road of my own evolution. As I proceed down this road of my own evolution, with this body that will support me, I recognize that I need to call on my mind, heart, spirit and emotions to energize my leadership and responsibility to consciousness and to what needs to be done to move humanity along this evolutionary road. In having a focus on the movement of humanity down this road I can’t help but see the importance of me and my body to be strong and fit to be able to dance with all the demands and pulls and pushes that will be made on it as we move down this road together.

I guess the point for me is that these two things that appear to me as poles that I am swinging to and from actually are completely interrelated and interdependent foci. The fallacy of trying to see them as “poles” or even paradoxes keeps me fat and stuck. Seeing them as irretrievably connected keeps me fit and moving. And it’s better for everyone else too.

One response to “Pendulum Part 2

  1. Yes—to both/and! I see you and your beautiful foci strong and interwoven—like a double helix rising! You go, Henry!!! And—big thanks—for gently pointing to the grace and flow of it all—all the time—all serving all. I needed that. (Having, up until now, been known to go “on” and “off”! Stop and start. Begin…and again!)

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