The Summit Revisited

Well the Co-Active Summit happened and it was astonishing. 400 people came to Marco Island Florida and went on a journey together. It started and ended with a flash mob dance to the tune “I’m gonna love somebody like you”, then we watched a video of people from both in our community and aligned with our community laying out the challenges and the opportunities. Then it moved into a speech by Karen and me, the center of which is that “We have a job to do”. (The central riffs of the speech I have added to the end of this post)

We then got 400 people to put together a puzzle. We started the big game in Chaos like so many things start out in this wonderful universe of ours. People had their piece of the puzzle and had to bump around in the universe of a ballroom for a few minutes looking for other people with their number and then they got together to build their, bigger, piece of the puzzle and then they brought that finished bigger piece to the front where it was put on the wall behind the stage to create a beautiful puzzle image of the journey we were all embarked on in the Summit.

Then off we all went to find our compass. The first set of pathways that were designed and led by powerful people from the greater Co-active Community. The Compass was all about remembering who we are in our entirety, the dark and the light of us, the whole IQ of us, the masculine and the feminine in us and the core of presence in each of us. We were reminded about how to play to win, how to stop the insanity, how to chart a path, and we were put in touch with the keys to Adaptive Leadership.

The first day ended with the first of many beautiful sunsets and a cocktail party for the faculty and the premier members (folks who paid for a premium ticket).

So a moment of self processing here. Karen and I were pumped up on adrenaline for the last couple weeks coming into this event and the previous 2 days we had spent with our faculty in an amazingly powerful meeting where we established a myth-change with the folks who are out there bringing this amazing Co-active work into the world. Karen and I were up working on our speech every night after things settled down and in the morning over breakfast in our room. We were doing our best to keep breathing and feel our heartbeats as we moved through the days leading up to this first big Summit.

On the night before the first big day of the Summit that I just wrote about I was down having dinner with the planning team and we were working through some last minute details when my cell phone rang and my brother Sam said I MUST come up to his room. Well I was neck deep in a thousand things and I carved out some time and went up to his room and there sat my 83 year old Mom and all my brothers and sisters. Now I was expecting my sibs but I wasn’t expecting my mom and the shock of that as it hit my already adrenalin shocked system was, well shocking. After we got through some tears and joy and some quick figuring of things out, down I zoomed to the first big tech rehearsal where we were to work out all the details for a big and chaotic opening. After finishing that up Karen and I stopped by for a blessing of “The Totem Pole” that a group of people had built for the Summit that would sit in the center of the Exhibit hall and send out blessings of transformation for the entire Summit.

Day 2 began with Rick Tamlyn frothing us all up with some incredible humor mixed with the important job of announcements and guiding people on their various ways, no-one in the world does it better then he does. He then introduced Kevin Cashman as our first Keynote speaker. Kevin was amazingly personable and connected while inspiring us with all that he has learned about Transformative Leadership. He gave us keys and we experienced rooms of comfort and discomfort as we got to see what kind of leader we are and what there is still to learn. He taught us to pause and that the core competency is Love.

We then headed to the second set of pathways called the Ascent. Now that we had a better idea of who and where we are with the “Compass” it was time to get moving and to explore different paths up the mountain and what we needed to know about ourselves as we journeyed. We looked at our brain chemistry and learned about telling stories. We learned about what it takes to keep going from someone who has been to both poles and Mt Everest. We learned how to incorporate things through our bodies while they are in motion and we explored what it is to be a co-active parent. We awakened the dreamer and joined the sacred circus.

Then 400 of us ate lunch together outside by the ocean and under a beautiful blue sky and a warm sun, while we connected with our fellows and met some wonderful and interesting people from 22 different countries and 6 different continents.

After lunch our pathways took us to The Leap. At the top of the mountain it was time to prepare to leap into the mystery of this new evolutionary paradigm. We had to find the reset button and the deep middle. We explored the akashic records and did some shamanic journeying. We explored the polarities and how to create unity and we accessed the elder within ourselves and learned all about the patience and acceptance that lives in that elder. We explored what it means to have a regenerative culture, explored native american wisdom in the delicate lodge and awakened in a new dream.

As all these wonderful pathways were happening around me I became a hummingbird and dropped by each one and sipped some nectar. I also felt like a spider weaving a web around everyone and both letting go and holding an intention that a strong container be built.

After the pathways were complete Jen Eramith the akashic record reader offered to do a reading for “Co-active and the Evolution of Consciousness that is occurring on the planet”. I had a job to do, it was to sit down in front with a few folks that I had picked out (CTI faculty members all) and ask questions of these ancient records. Well the minute Jen sank into the wide open space of accessing these records something cellular changed in me and I think in many others in the room. Then she proceeded with her reading and in the process gave the most validating experience I have ever had in my life about the work that we are all doing. It was an astonishing and cellular altering experience. I am in the process of getting the tape and hope to include it or some of the text here in the future.

I left this reading in an altered state and stumbled up to a tech rehearsal for the last day. We had a lot more details to work out for the final day and a lot of moving parts to put into order and my head was soooo not in the game. I breathed and did my best to get myself present to all of these details and then I did. We put the tech together, and just had to pay one hour of overtime to the tech guys. Then off to another staff dinner to go over all of our roles for the next day and eat dinner and get ready for the party on the beach.

Beach party – lots of connecting with folks who were having amazing experiences, with my mom and sibs, and with my good friend Lynne Twist. Whew what a dancer, she was out there getting everyone to do the Hustle and line dance. There we were dancing on the beach under the moon and having a blast.

Day 3 – Rick being brilliant and funny again and then up I go to introduce Lynne for her keynote. There we are at 8:00 o’clock in the morning with a full house filled with eager faces and soaring hearts. Lynne was moved and moving and told wonderful stories and got us all to feel deep gratitude, love and inspiration to get moving to “turn the tide” of human consciousness. She took our hands as we all leapt into the mystery.

Then Hide Enomotoh and Virginia Kellogg led us in a 3 part World Cafe that had us integrate the learning around some questions and moved all 400 of us towards a collective commitment. In a wonderful dance of co-activity and chaos as the bag lunches came in, were eaten and then taken away without a hickup in the conversations. Then Karen and I went up on stage to work with everyone to move from the shared commitment back to the original question “What is your piece?” only now distilling that down from the shared co-active commitment of all of us. As the puzzle pieces were handed out and the texted declarations scrolled on the screens we brought this amazing Summit to a close with the flash mob dance that we began it with and a passel of people committed to global transformation and evolving consciousness.

Sorry about the length of this one and this one had to be long. More to come in the coming days and weeks about where we are all going from here.

Love Henry

These are the riffs that were at the center of the opening speech here.

• We have a job to do and it’s about transformation.  We can no longer just stand by and hope that people become more conscious and evolve.  We have to evoke transformation.  We have to see the butterfly in every caterpillar.  The nature of life is to transform and evolve and this is a messy, chaotic and often confusing process.



• We have a job to do and it’s about believing, believing in the capacity of the human spirit to transcend the mess and navigate through the chaos into the next transformation.

• We have a job to do and it’s about evolving human consciousness. We humans in the quickening that WindEagle talks about in the video you just saw. We are in the midst of an evolutionary leap and the foot is coming down on the other side of that leap and we have a job to do and it’s to be ready for what’s next.  We need to be ready in ourselves and we need to be ready as coaches and leaders to guide, cajole, teach, coach, lead, and point the way to our fellow humans who are landing on the other side with us.  We have a job to do to be flexible and clear as we step into this mystery, this new paradigm of existence.  We need to be ready to both open up our own consciousness and to work with others to open up theirs.

• We have a job to do and it’s about participation, about helping people understand that the unfolding story of our world is co-created and we each have a part to play. We matter. We don’t need to have the answers. We need to know that together, we can find the way and together we can create possibilities that are not available when we stand alone, We have a job to do and it’s about engaging fully 100%, about nourishing and affirming life in each and every moment. We have a job to do and it is about dancing with our whole hearts in THIS moment and the next and the next.

• We’ve got a job to do and it is right behind the eyes of the person sitting next to you or the checker at the grocery store or the waitress at your table or the CEO of the company next door and that’s to make sure the lights are on and somebody is home.  We have to find the dimmer switches in our fellow humans and support them in turning their lights on.  We need to find the sparkle of aliveness in all of the eyes around us and use the gifts that we have developed in ourselves to brightening the consciousness of all of our species.

• We have a job to do and it’s about supporting people in breaking free from convention, from business as usual, from The Way It Is. We must help people find the courage and heart to stand firmly for what is real and true and be bold enough to live from the inside out rather than the outside in. We have a job to do and it’s about work being sacred. Work has to become a place where we come together to create something meaningful rather than a place where we put our authentic self in the closet just to survive. Our work places must become opportunities to engage, to fully express and share our creativity and our talents. We must work to help businesses understand that people truly are their greatest resource and that whatever we do, we we do in relationship with each other.

• We have a job to do and it’s about passion, purpose and paradox.  We have to courageously insist on people leading passion filled lives on purpose.  While at the same time allowing people to find their own way to these lives.  We have to live in the paradox of push and pull, stay and go, be and do, co and active.   We have a job to do and its about standing firmly for life affirming purpose and action and not allowing ourselves to be stopped or stalled by life diminishing beliefs or attitudes.

• We have a job to do and it is about preparing the ground for our future. We must teach others how to listen deeply, not to the words but to the message, the cry, the yearning underneath.We need to ensure that education means more than memorization, We need to ensure that success is measured by what one has contributed to the world rather than by what one has taken away. And we need to ensure that dialog and disagreement are INVITED, CELEBRATE, EMBRACED in a way that brings us together as opposed to dividing us.

• We have a job to do in spreading the wonderful paradox of the Co-Active way.  The way of “Co”, relationship, connection, intimacy, love, and the divine feminine expressed in it’s fullness and totality while at the same time expressing “Active” which is all about strength, power, action, making things real and the divine masculine.  We can’t pick sides.  We have a job to do to heal the “Co” and the “Active” in each and every one of us and to find the love and power in all of us and to be able to express and operate from both at 100% simultaneously.

• We have a job to do and it’s about creating a world that works for everyone. We belong to each other and we live together in this home we call Earth. We must learn to honor our individuality and celebrate our shared human experience while at the same time affirming in each moment that we are one with all of life.

10 responses to “The Summit Revisited

  1. Henry, Thank you! This is beyond inspiring. Alison flew in last night, our workshop is tomorrow. What wonderful timing 🙂 I’m in for Summit #2!!!

  2. Thanks Henry and Karen for taking a stand so that others can be impacted, transformed and be the human beings that we are at our core. Just reading your post and others of the Summit sends a ripple effect of the momentum and movement to be part of the transformation. Although I was not there, I feel what was shared at the Summit is so alive within me. My commitment is to lead courageously with fierce love and be the change I desire see in the world.
    With appreciation and love,

  3. Thank you Henry – loved reading this- it was like listening to an amazing piece of music or watching a video collage – the way you wove the images without too much detail. Beautiful! I loved the italic asides (or perhaps insides) too as they created a completely different tone – very musical, really.

    I will take more time to read the words from your opening speech as they ask of me, closer attention and to be read at a pace that allows savoring, that allows it to sink into my body as much as my heart and mind. I trust my spirit already gets it and I know my soul does.

    I appreciate that those of us who were unable to attend are getting to experience bits and pieces of the summit. I know that we have all, already felt the impact.

    Bravo to you and Karen and all the others who made it happen!

  4. Hey Henry and Karen
    As I told you at the Summit, I think the CTI coaching model is so brilliant. It brings in such
    light – more than any other way of working with people to transform I’ve seen with the possible exception of 12 steps. Both are inspired, both channeled, as far as I can tell. But you would know, how did you make it up?
    Just like you and your team made up the Summit I suppose.
    Fantastic work – hope there is a Summit 2 – so many I know want to join the party.
    When’s the next one?
    Seems like we need one at least every year until 2015 to track with and support 4 Year. Go!
    With deep appreciation
    Steve Charrier

  5. Ah, Henry, you’re bringing back the energy of Leadership for me, and calling me forth to believe what I’ve been seeing and experiencing, hidden away in and among my fears and longings, making me realize yet again (one day I’ll get this) that we are not alone, there are so many of us, often in unexpected places doing unexpected things, who are seeing, feeling, and taking part in the transformation.

    thank you for articulating.


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