ME & WE, A Paradoxical Dance At So Many Levels

This blog entry started out as an entry on my SparkPeople Blog, which is devoted to my body’s fitness program. But I decided to include it here for all to see. And the beat goes on.

Hello SparkPeople Blog and Henry’s Body

I come back to you after being out in the world creating amazing and powerful transformations. I come back to you because you need to continue to move through your transformations as well.

I also come back to you despite an amazing pull on my energies to continue to allow myself to be pulled away towards the global transformations I am working towards. I have to keep remembering that when I keep my promises and commitments to mySelf I am keeping my promises and commitments to the Universe and vice versa. I am so aware of being pulled out of mySelf as I do the creative work that I do, the teaching work that I do, the thought leader work that I do, the lights that I turn on in the eyes of others. I love doing that work and I could easily forget about the work I need to do on my own inner world, my wonderful body that needs attention to keep getting fitter and trimmer so that I can do the work that I want to do in this world, my amazing spirit needs to find quiet time and meditation time to be able to keep growing my consciousness, my emotions and passions need attention and to be harnessed and worked with more powerfully as I channel them towards the work I want to do in the world and on mySelf. My mind with all its beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, wisdom, instincts, intuitions and also it’s judgments, assumptions, criticisms, tap root limiting beliefs needs to be pointed, managed and occasionally turned off so that I can sleep and care for the other parts of me more effectively.

So as my brilliant brother Sam would point out I still hold a polarity of energy pulls. One pole seems to pull me outside of mySelf and away from caring for mySelf and my own world and the other pole seems to pull me into mySelf so much that I am pulled away from my world and all that I know I need to be doing and being in these urgent times. I know I need to be conscious of this polarity of outside and inside and I know that I need to resolve them and learn to dance in this particular paradox with more agility.

I am headed to a place where I can move with certainty in this universe and know that all of my attention and love is pointed in both directions at 100%. I am sure that this state of consciousness I am stepping towards is what is needed and I sure ain’t there yet. I am tugging on my heart to care about me right now while I am so engaged in caring about we. ME & WE – What a trip I just noticed the polarity of the first letter of both of those words. The only difference, in english, between them is that they are mirrors for each other. What happens when they become one?

Well SparkPeople and Body I wanted you to know that I am clearly still being pulled in both directions and that I am forcibly pointing my attention in your direction to find that dance. I will be going to the gym this afternoon and every day until I leave again on Sunday. I am tracking my food and will continue to do so and I will post blog posts in both of my blog locations. Some will be separate posts and some, like this one, will be going in both locations.

Body, a final word of gratitude for you. I put you through a lot of stress over the last couple of weeks and the rest I let us have was not as great as we would have liked, AND you were brilliant. You didn’t get sick and you never let me down, you kept going and let the light shine through with every heartbeat and every breath, thanks.

One response to “ME & WE, A Paradoxical Dance At So Many Levels

  1. None of us is going to change much in this world without a body.

    Who is thinking well, who is emotionally clear, who is in touch with their spirit that is run down, exhausted, strung out on sugar and carbs, nutritionally deprived, running low on oxygen?

    Anyone consumed with resisting physical issues, pain, going to medical appointments has a monumental hurdle to get past to be of service (people do it and they are the inspirational exceptions).

    There is something about feeling separate from our bodies and feeling in our bodies that makes a huge difference. For me, discovering and surrendering to being IN it has led to a real desire to care for it (and me) in ways I’d never understood before. It has also led to a deeper union of body, mind, spirit, and heart. When they are divisive, the black wolf (saboteur) has a place to wedge them further apart.

    Practice is built of conscious awareness and fed with compassion. Eventually practice becomes the way. Shift has happened and a new something wants to be created, evolved. A new practice arises.

    I love the water you swim in and how genuinely you do so. I love your brilliant mind and huge heart and all that has made available for me as well as the world. Thank you!

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