The Quickening

Get Well Helen

WindEagle, one of my teachers and one of the people we included on the evolutionary video that we started the Summit out with, spoke of a “quickening” that is happening in life as we move forward on this evolutionary journey we are on. This “quickening” is what we see all around us as systems are being turned upside down and ways we used to think about things are not working anymore and we have to find new and more complex ways of seeing things and then marvel at the simplicity of the way of seeing once the complexities have been noticed and on and on this world moves. It is no longer “creeping along at it’s petty pace” as my man Mr. Shakespeare wrote about a few years back.

When I can hold this quickening out in front of me and notice it in the world around me I am struck with excitement and fear as the changes rush in. I rub my hands together in glee anticipating the next leap in evolution. However when I feel this quickening happening inside of me and inside of the circles that are close into me it gets pretty hard to hold on to the excitement part. As I open more and more to this quickening I open mySelf to the remarkable emotional and spiritual pushes and pulls that seem to be increasing by the hour and not by the week or the month like they used to do.

Let’s go back a couple of weeks to a time preSummit. We are in the final stages of a 6 month preparation for this momentous event combined with another momentous event which is a meeting of our global faculty where a myth-change is abrewing. I am gearing myself up in all parts of mySelf for these events. I am getting both psyched and scared emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I am pointed.

Then my favorite uncle dies. My mom’s only remaining sibling and all plans change as I move things around to meet with my family in Ohio before I leave for Florida. In Ohio I meet with cousins and relatives and family friends I haven’t seen in a long time and form new and profound relationships as we celebrate the life of this great man. There is grief present but it is mostly celebration of life that is occurring, which is how my Uncle would have liked it. My preparation for the Summit now has some new background to bring into it as all of my Siblings get ready to leave and either go home to repack or head straight to Florida. Then weather comes into the picture as Michigan and Wisconsin are hit by a blizzard and planes are cancelled my Mom and two sisters Helen and Jeanny have to change their plans. Helen who is also presenting at the Faculty meeting for the first time can’t get home to collect her stuff and her clothes for Florida so some cousins take her shopping and send her off to Florida. Jeanny makes it home and grabs her stuff and then heads back to the airport to attend her first big coaching event with all her sibs.

We have moved from family at a funeral to Myth-Change in our work and an Evolutionary Leap for humankind and life. Helen is brilliant at the Faculty presentation she gives and she looks fabulous in her new Nordstrom’s outfit and is flying from her success. My brothers Pat and Sam are in the room dancing and learning with 120 other leaders from all over the world. Karen, Karl Snaidy (The president of CTI) and I are all flying on the powerful shift in this body of people we all love so much and this business that we believe in. We head off to dinner and to prep for the upcoming Summit. During dinner my brother Sam calls me and urgently requests that I come up to his room, so feeling like I am in the swirl of too many things to do and to many people to see already I travel up to Sam’s room and find my 83 year old mother has decided to come to the Summit.

After I recover from the shock, she wasn’t planning on coming and for her to travel anywhere is a big deal, I see the tears in her eyes and she says to me “When I was at my brothers funeral I realized that I couldn’t miss this huge event in my children’s lives.” I completely got it and loved her and immediately went to work as to how we could get her to the things she wanted to attend and went down to join my team as we went through our tech rehearsal for the opening of the Summit.

The Summit opened and I have talked about how incredible it was in a previous post and it was. Everyone did a spectacular job. I had my Mom stand up and represent all of the ancestors that got us there and receive the acknowledgment from 400 people for being the one who started it all. Then all 4 of my sibs stood up and represented the families that are out there supporting and doing the work and all was good in the world.

The next day Helen and Pat came down with bad colds and couldn’t play in the events of the day. Their colds got worse and yet they really wanted to play so they brought themselves down to hear Lynne Twist and participate to the best of their ability in the conversation that followed and then went back to their rooms and thought about how they were going to get home with fevers. They managed to do it and Pat got better and Helen went into the hospital with Pneumonia.

Now Helen is in the ICU and having a hard time getting rid of the infection and a hard time finding air to breathe.

This is where the quickening is hitting home too hard. It is sort of hard to rub my hands together in glee with this particular quickening, this one that hits me and my family so hard on the heels of so much. This is when I want a little breathing room for all of us, literally and figuratively, and this is where the universe and evolution and quickenings and turnings of the tide and the foot of evolution coming down are all happening too fast and I want it to slow down so I can savor it all a bit more. I want to be able to savor my Uncles life, the Faculty Myth-Change, The Co-Active Summit, and this time of healing of my beautiful sister. Yet here I am bungee jumping through them all.

Is this just more paradox? Am I just discovering that I both love and hate this quickening time we’re in? How do I move through this quickening time with the medicine of turtle?

7 responses to “The Quickening

  1. I am drawn into the urgency and almost panic of the quickening as I read this Henry, and I am reminded of two images: that of a roller coaster, the fear and the anticipation, and the resistance, and then the thrill as you let go and surrender! I am also reminded of Alice down the rabbit hole, and that sense of falling but having no concept of time of what speed you are falling, the stretching of time, that time is a concept out of our hands… don’t really know why both these came to me.
    P.S Helen and your whole family are constantly in my thoughts.

  2. Hi Henry as a presenter who chose not to attend the summit due to pneumonia, I empathize with Helen’s circumstances and know fully the quickening of which you speak. My heart is with her and with you and the House family. And, my WB pal, Melinda sent me a text after Kashman’s presentation on the States of Leadership and specifically, the “State of Pause”…it hit me quite profoundly. In spite of the quickenings and the speed and urgency of the world around us, the universe provides us with the lesson of pause to take a breath, even when it is hard; maybe particularly, when it is hard. Perhaps we can hold the polarity of quickenings and pause and know that we absolutely need both even when it feels like it is impossible to have both. From a place of recent experience, and now recovering, I am living with quickening and pause as alternate and necessary breaths.

    With love, Leslie

  3. Dear Henry,

    It was touching and real to read your thoughts on quickening. It reminded me of working with women in labor as their cervix spreads and softens and labor pains come one on top of another without a break. It is calls for tremendous inner strength to stay present, a strength that calls on the soul. How do we get through it? Some use drugs to numb the pain or ask to be knocked out. Some use the pain and physical chaos as an excuse to lash out and scream at others, even the mates they created their child with. But then there are some who go native in rythym with their internal breathing. They use postures they have practiced to insure the best outcome of what is being birthed. They stay in the space of WE and are conscious that something bigger is happening, bigger than their pain. they accept the process as nothing gone wrong. They do it with love, gratitude and trust in something bigger than themselves, their own lives or even the life of the child, which I have seen mothers lose and love at the same time. They do it with appreciation. That appreciation that Lynne Twist talked about and they stay present. You are doing this Henry…as you write and stay connected to us. God Will Bless You , deeply bless you in all of this and Send our Prays to Helen. Love, GG

  4. Henry,
    I’m sitting in the Dallas airport—- with glasses askew on my face— since broken when they flew off during opening Summit dancing. And whoa. I believe in embracing everything. I can feel your desire- and sense a raw teetery spent exhausted place, too. Just want to embrace you in your layered, textured, real time journey. Quickening— as I understand it, for a pregnant woman, is feeling the stirrings of life within. It’s profound and wild and subtle and miraculous. As is each succulent moment— which we sometimes forget. In your post, I remember. Holding your family in Love.

  5. Dearest Henry – I am so sorry to hear of Helen’s condition. Please know that we are holding Helen and all your family in our hearts right now. Justin & I are sending all possible healing and positive energy for Helen’s full recovery. We are uniting with others to light candles and send prayers. The Summit brought forth a great wave of compassion, love, community and the call to bring these to action: I know they are carrying you forward.
    Connecting with you and yours with love.
    Jan & Justin

  6. Hi Henry – have been sending love and light to Helen and all of you, as you know. And I’m responding here to your question, not because I think you were asking us, but because I am moved to do so.

    When I say “you” I mean us, in a way and this is addressed to you.

    All animals and all paradox teach us that we don’t really know what is good and what is bad. They don’t judge their experience. Or so it seems, but then how do I know?

    Turtle teaches you to slow down (or to have a new sense of speed)
    Turtle teaches you to live at the shore (the frontier of Mystery and unknown) also of heart (water)
    Turtle teaches you to bring heaven and earth together
    Turtle teaches you to be your own center in the midst of chaos and to ground therein
    Turtle teaches you to open your senses even wider – to hear what you have yet to hear and to see what you have yet to see. (which you already do beautifully and there is always more)

    In this time of quickening, we need to slow down to speed up.
    Urgency is fodder for the saboteur/gremlin/wounded ego, whatever you want to call it.
    Our consciousness is evolving and outgrowing structures and one of those structures is our human form. We can’t get away with being unconscious about our health anymore. Physical symptoms are showing up all over the place. As we participate in practices that expand our consciousness we also need to clean up – or tune up – the form that is a vessel for that consciousness.

    Sometimes, if we do not listen to the whispers, we are hit with something louder. (and sometimes it just is, perhaps, how do I know?) I guess what I mean to say is that we can’t get away with pretending our bodies are not our vessel. I’ve heard some compare it to the glass that is shattered by the soprano’s voice. Our bodies are the glass and the soprano’s voice is the higher octave resonances we are becoming.

    It takes great courage to walk this path as joyfully as we wish to create with and meet it. The archetype of the fool will serve.

    Slowing down to speed up – finding one’s center – breathing…keep breathing.

    As always – I’m going on and on…

    love you, Kathy

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