Flopping Around In A New Paradigm

Welcome back Mr. Turtle.
Welcome back breath.
Welcome back perspective.
Welcome back Co-Active Summit.
Welcome back dedication to purpose.
Welcome back responsibility to the world and to mySelf.
Welcome back excitement about life and the time to enjoy it.
Welcome back Helen.

In my last posting I was in a bizarre state of shock. I had just had this transformative experience where I experienced a breakthrough into a new paradigm of existence. I had opened mySelf and my World up to a deeper experience of consciousness and it’s evolution and stepped completely into that new experience.

It is like living in the water and breathing water and seeing this beautiful land that you want to live on and know that something different is going to happen when you flop out onto land and out of water, but you aren’t quite sure. You experiment and strengthen your fins to be able to pull your self around a bit you flop around on the beach and notice that you can’t breathe and you get scared and flop back into the water. You experiment some more and you prepare more and you know that when you make that big flop onto land nothing will ever be the same again. You swim around in contemplation, you notice it’s not so bad here in the water, and yet something is pulling you. You start imagining the possibilities up on land. Then one day you do a big flop out onto the beach and start quickly making your way up to that green area beyond the beach. You start struggling with your breathing, you stop, you think you are going to die, you struggle some more. Then you notice that you are breathing. You notice that different senses have come alive and that moving and breathing is different here. You have a minute to be in the shock of all that is new and then you see something much bigger then you coming out of the green towards you……………

There I was having flopped out onto the beach and feeling the shock of breathing air and discovering new senses when this big ugly monster grabs my sister who was also coming out on the beach with me. I had a moment of dazed and stunned confusion. What do I do here in the world of land and air when a monster comes after my sister and what do I do here in the land and air, period. So I joined the rest of my family and friends that were also flopping out of the water and went over to pull my sister away from the monster. As we all pulled and tugged on my sister and the monster pulled just as hard the other way, we didn’t notice we were doing it in this new place of air and land, as we wrested her away from the monster we didn’t notice that we had all gotten stronger in this new place, we had all learned how to work together to get her out of the jaws of that monster and we were all in this completely new world with new rules and ways of being. As she licked her wounds and began healing and as we chased the monster back into the woods we all looked around wondered where we would go next.

My last post I was in that state of shock place trying to understand what it really meant to be here in this new haven, having accomplished such a big step and the first thing that happens after I find my breath is that a monster comes, talk about doubling the shock. And now having a little more confidence in my breathing I look back on it and see that transformation truly did occur, things really are different here in this new place, even the way I/We respond to monsters is different. As I walk forward and into this Retreat 1 of this new leadership program I am about to lead I am aware of breathing differently and new senses are activated and my world is bigger then it was a month ago. I feel gratitude.

4 responses to “Flopping Around In A New Paradigm

  1. Much gratitude, much excitement, and doubtless many more monsters… (what’s this tribe called?) Love you Henry…

  2. Hey Henry, I’ve discovered the first confirmation of a God given dream is “resistance”. Lets you know you are on the right path. Without it, it’s just a an administrative exercise in life.

  3. Wow – I was so struck by the first paragraph as being Helen’s experience (being in the water and trying to breathe to be on land again) – I enjoy reading your postings because I feel them in my experience. You take me there with your words.

    My sense is that the more we shift our consciousness the more imperative it is that we communicate with and listen to our bodies. Our bodies are not caught up with this. I think a lot of our illnesses and ailments are our bodies trying to assimilate and when we don’t listen to our bodies, we go too fast for them. We need to slow down to speed up.

    I perceive that we will make much more headway and shift through space and being than doing. It wants to happen. The wave is moving toward us as we move toward it. The field will support us if we are willing to tune into the field and then our doing will be as efficient as a Cheetah on the hunt.

    Guess I should hop on over to my own blog and write about this huh?

    love you Henry! And SO INCREDIBLY GIDDY to hear that beautiful Helen is out of the hands of the monster.

    – Kathy

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