As I was sipping my tea out in the fog on my deck, which has become the first step in my morning ritual every morning for the past 2 weeks, I was listening to the ocean’s roar and hum through the dense fog and contemplating monday. I had a little heart smile as I thought about how different my contemplation of monday is from so many other people’s.

So much of the world, so many songs, and so many advertising and media, would love us to hate monday, to dread it, to want the weekend to go on forever. For so many people monday is all about going back to work and stopping all play. “Monday morning comes without warning” goes the song. It slams up into us and slaps us with that cold wet towel that says “back to the grind” and so many of us trudge back into the trenches, wishing we were someplace else.

There are others of us who sleepwalk into monday as we leave a hectic weekend of wall to wall family and the job and work of making relationships with those we love work better. We have 48 hours of crammed in family attention, fights, play, organized chaos with the whole family, packing all the stuff into cars and going someplace else to do as much as we can together, or running to and fro to events and other relatives. When we get to monday morning we lean back with a moment of relief as we head into the known from the chaos. Those of us that live in this paradigm still might dread the rut and the work that monday brings while at the same time they are breathing a deep relaxing breath on their way into work.

There are others of us humans who can’t wait to get to school or work. We are eager to meet with our friends and engage in the projects that we have made our lives revolve around. We are really enjoying the part of our lives that we get to leave home for and can’t wait to get into it. Some of us in this group may not have much happening at home on weekends and wander around a little lost not knowing what to do until that alarm clock beeps on monday morning and the thoroughbred is released.

Still others of us hold Monday as the sacred day the weekend and the day off. We are often artists or service people who work through the weekends and monday is the non scheduled day the day you have for yourself. Sometimes it’s a lie around day and sometimes it’s a catch up on stuff day, and no matter what gets done on monday it is a day for the self to do what the self needs to do.

Monday has been all those days for me. And as I contemplated this morning on monday I recognized that I love the work I am doing and the relationship I am in with Karen and I love our work time and I love our leisure time. Oh sure there are times that I don’t love so much in the midst of all that, and all things said and done I love who I am, what I am, where I am and why I am. And when I am is on Monday morning. Today on this monday I am looking forward to a week of diverse activities and projects, some reading and some playing. As I start this monday I am actually starting something and feel that engine richly idling ready to zoom forward as I press down on the accelerator.

So mondays are transition days for most of us. Monday is named for the Moon, that essence of the divine feminine and the queen of transitions. I am feeling the pull of that beautiful moon into the transitions I want to feel my way into this week. Gee I wonder what next monday will bring.

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