Happy New Year

On this revolution of the earth around the sun we humans make up that we have the chance to complete something old and start something new. We have invented a way to measure time that is based on the relationship of the earth to the sun. One revolution of the earth on it’s axis is a day that we have broken down into 24 pieces of time that we call hours, each hour we have again broken down into 60 pieces called minutes, each of which we then decided to break down again into 60, this time calling them seconds. From a second down we go back to base 10 which is our favorite way of counting things and go into micro and milli etc etc. When we go up from that 12 month year we also tend to go back to base 10 and celebrate the 10th and 100th years more then others and a large portion of us get freaked out at 1000 years. The numbers that we assign to years somehow got determined to be before or after the life of Jesus, which is apparently not that scientific. We measure time before Jesus as before his birth and after Jesus as after his death. The time of his life we don’t measure. We also aren’t quite sure when his life actually was so the numbers are all made up anyway.

Anyway we humans took time and put it all together somehow and came up with this way of measuring time that I happen to live in. In this interesting and slightly bizarre way of measuring time I am sitting here on the first day of the year 2012, which according to the Maya is the last year in their calendar. That too is supposed to be somehow terrifying due to some stuff that we made up. I have to tell you that right now sitting at my desk and looking out at the light hitting Tomales point and the surf rolling in with a bright blue sky and the wind towseling the trees it is hard to believe any of that stuff. It is a lot simpler to look out the window and be eternally grateful to be alive in this moment and time, to be able to use these amazing senses to perceive the world around me and to interpret with my astonishing brain that what I behold is beautiful.

Because I am a human being living in this paradigm that measures time the way we do. I sat down with my beloved Karen last night and participated in a ceremony. (now ceremonies and rituals are wonderful consequences of this unusual relationship with time that we humans have created) In this ceremony we first of all made some delicious appetizers and pulled out an excellent bottle of champagne. We went out to the hot tub with the champagne and watched the sunset on 2011 and we had some completion of the year conversations and did some last minute designed alliance around the ceremony that we were already engaged in (don’t you just love this Co-Active Model?) and then when we were fully cooked we put on our robes and grabbed our glasses and sat out on our chairs on the deck and watched the final colors of the sunset fade away. We moved into the living room with our delicious appetizers and another bottle of champagne and began writing down our 2011 lists of “Wins, Breakthroughs, & Successes” and “Failures, Breakdowns & Disappointments”. We read those lists to each other off our ipads, commenting and remembering our year as we went along and then instead of burning them as we used to we did a count down as our fingers headed to the delete key and at the same time created blank ipads on which to create the new year.

Now it was time to create an as fresh as possible new year. Because integrity is such a high value to both of us we started with bringing over our list of incompletions and then we added to that a breakdown of desires and intentions for this next 12 month period of time. Then we began to prioritize and look at which of those desires and intentions were the “big rocks”, the ones we wouldn’t or couldn’t put down and only allowed ourselves a handful of those as we sorted the rest into lower priorities. Then filled with all sorts of swirling possibilities we headed off to sleep through the ball dropping on the “New Year”.

This morning after we initiate some of the intentions that we set we will complete the process and get a pretty good idea of how we will theme and grow this coming year. I know that a lot of it will be growing our ability to look out the window and be grateful for the beauty that is there.

5 responses to “1/1/2012

  1. Thanks, Henry, for sharing your process. I giggled at the ” blanking” ceremony to replace a “burning” ceremony. My New Year’s Eve was less conscious and less intentional at a time when I’m aware that I’m hungry for more depth and meaning in my life. And wha’s so cool about the whole “time is made up” thing is that I can bring myself back now, and not be concerned that I missed outlast night. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thank you Henry. This post is amazing. I specifically liked how you and Karen did your list on iPad and how technology can be interwoven in every aspect of our lives these days.
    I feel proud that I have been a part of your 2011 and to be a WREN,
    Happy New Year and keep the magic coming…..
    Fatima Nakhjavanpur

  3. Henry, your intro regarding how we humans measure time grounded me to look at how I use the time I have available. Given that I am at a “time” to “create an as fresh as possible new year”, I am reminded to “stay” with the depth of who I am and use my time wisely, without rush and with intention to be open to the guidance from the magnificent universe that sometimes makes me laugh because its guidance is so obvious. I am grateful for all I have been given and I am grateful for all that I have given….that is timeless. Thank you for continuing to share your perspectives on a way of being in and seeing this world. Happy New Year.

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