The 85%

There are 6.8 Billion Human Beings on this planet and 1 billion of them are connected through Facebook. That is almost 15% of the Human Population that has direct access to each other through one click. That is truly astonishing. And it still makes you wonder about the other 5.8 billion. Who are they? Where are they? What are they up to, this 85% of the worlds population? I am pretty sure that when I leave my house and go out into the world I move around in 80-90% of the people I see know what facebook is and most, if not all, of those folks are hooked in through facebook. That means I am moving around in a world that 85% of humanity is not moving around in. When I travel to other countries I am still moving around in that same world, the percentages may change somewhat but not much.

Part of my life purpose statement is “to point and protect the evolution of human consciousness.” That statement is a powerful, from some perspectives even arrogant, thing to claim as a reason for being alive. And yet the consciousness that I am pointing and protecting currently lives in the minds and bodies of that 15% that I see and connect with on Facebook. Evolution of consciousness is happening, I assert, with all of life including 100% of humanity. So of course at the level of universal love and connection I am pointing and protecting human consciousness just fine, thankyou very much. And yet at another level there is this vast pool of consciousness that is not in my awareness as I move around my life. It exists in stories, music, pictures and news accounts for me. It exists in my imagination and in my visioning. It exists in the earth itself if and when I slow down enough to feel into it.

There is no way that this body can put itself in front of the other 85%, there is no book I can write, no movie I can make, no celebrity I can achieve in any kind of venue that could create that kind of visibility. So in order to feel into that other 85% I am going to have to do it through a spiritual connection to all of life. I am going to have to keep opening up my consciousness to the EcoSoma the energy body of the earth to feel the pain and the joy, the fear and the exhilaration, the grief and the love, and the closed and open consciousness of my fellow human beings. I am going to breathe in from every receptor in my soma what is happening with the consciousness of my fellow humans and breathe out encouragement and gratitude and prayers of finding the way down this path and into the mystery of what lies beyond. I can do that.

3 responses to “The 85%

  1. Thank you Henry. I can go into overwhelm with wanting to connect, to make a difference, with everyone, everywhere. I am choosing to stay present with a powerful intention to show up everyday 100%, to love, to dance, and to be conscious of my impact. I am very interested to learn more about the EcoSoma. love, sydney

  2. Henry –

    Yes! Yes! Yes! We think it’s in the realm of the visible; the tangible; the concrete; that our power lays. So we tend to focus on doing “good” in the material world because we can SEE the results. When we SEE results we can say with absolute faith, “Look at what I’ve done for the good of the world!” It’s exhilarating to be creative this way; to know we’ve had a direct, positive impact on others. Yet it’s only one way of creating, and in fact, not the most powerful way.

    The keenest way we make a difference is through our invisible acts. That difference flows from the work we do inside of ourselves, on ourselves and in co-creation with the invisible current most religions call Love. Working on this level, through thought, prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices is something altogether different than doing good deeds. We don’t get to see the results reflected in the outside world. Instead, the result is a transformation of character; of heart. The results are felt as inner peace, clarity, love, joy or gratitude. How our inner state affects others is never as clear to us as, for example, doing a coaching session where our client has a life-changing breakthrough, or when someone comes up to us after a presentation and says, “My life will never be the same after what you said!” The difference our invisible work makes is only recorded through what some call karma and unknown to us until we die. That’s where faith comes in; faith in the invisible.

    I’ve always been fascinated with near death stories. There’s a universal experience of those who die and come back to life. It’s the instant accounting of the impact his or her every act; thought, word and deed had on others. Everyone who’s had this experience and lives to tell it is jolted into a sense of urgency to live life to the fullest – because they finally get that it really, really matters that they do. One individual said, “I was more alive dead than when I was alive.” Those of us who have never had this singular experience of being bathed in total bliss, light and knowledge will likely be surprised in that moment of total awe. Because as we pass from this life to what’s next we will discover the biggest impact we had was through our invisible, spiritual acts. We’ll see that the greatest gift we gave this world was through the cumulative times we prayed, meditated, or changed a negative thought to a positive one; when we sent love to someone in need; when we shifted from anger to gratitude; when we fell down on our knees in desperation because we were powerless over some great loss, and were transfigured by grace; when we did some small act of kindness because our heart was open.

    When we co-create with invisible, highly creative realm of Love, our unseen blessings flow out into this great, chaotic, mysterious experience we call life and change the lives of others, and the earth itself, in ways we will never know. But at some time for each of us that great gate of light and love will open. Hopefully we will have each had that feeling of being “truly, truly alive” and recognize it as our true destiny.

    • Thankyou Val for your beautiful writing here. I love how you talk about he invisible work that goes into being alive, really and fully alive. How much of that work is internal and invisible and based on very little evidence that it is producing or manifesting absolutely anything except that the relationship with that “higher self”, “inner guidance”, “spirit”, “universe”, “God” seems to be getting more intimate and deep. As that relationship increases in intimacy and the heart opens to more and more of the inner and outer universe, I completely agree that transformation occurs at the micro and the macro levels.

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