Remembering Elaine Jaynes


I am really sad to share that my dear friend and CTI Legend Elaine Jaynes passed away peacefully last night.


I will miss her and We will miss her.  She has been a constant beacon of beauty and integrity from the very beginning of CTI.  She brought her unique brand of love, joy, grace and wonderful skepticism to everything she saw, held and thought.




She pointed the way for all of us to find it on our own and build it together.   She so brilliantly and beautifully saw what was needed to grow and empower community and was completely committed to “People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole” that she believed in the core of her being that we humans will indeed figure out what it is that we need to figure out to be able to live together as she imagined we all would.



02-05-08 LR5 - Henry and Elaine




This girl knew how to have fun and dance like nobody I’ve known.  She could kick her heels up to a rousing country tune or sensuously move to the tune she heard in her head.  Whether we were engaged in some hi jinx at a planning session or deeply and seriously settled into a creative design session Elaine brought a wonderful combination of delight and rigor to the conversation.




Here is a picture of Elaine leading her first Leadership Program with Laura and me at the Mother Tree Retreat Center in California back in the last century.  She was wrapping the world and the Leadership Program at CTI in silk from the very beginning.   She came to us already wise and became the wise woman teacher that we all looked to for council and guidance in so many things.  We were lucky indeed to sit in rooms where she sat up front and pointed our looking and our learning.

Version 3

We will miss you Elaine!  We will miss your warm smile and the twinkle in your eyes.  We will miss how much you loved and how well you lived.  We will miss your elegance and your royal/regal quality.  We will miss the masterful way you combined patience with integrity and wrapped it all in the silk of your love.

We know that you are having a grand time on this next step of your journey and wish you well.

Bon Voyage!


One response to “Remembering Elaine Jaynes

  1. Elaine, a beacon of light and love. Will always see your smile and feel your deep hugs. Always in my heart. Look up in the sky and see her star shining bright. Miss you Dear One. Peace.

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