The Bear

Waking up, thanks to that diamond of consciousness.

As winter approaches and the storms roll in over the ocean, the sky turns grey, the wind whips the trees and anything else it can, the rain falls and blows, drips and clatters, mists and pours down, this bear begins to yearn for his cave and feels the pull towards a 3 or 4 month long nap. This bear catches colds and drags hisself around sniffling, hacking, and snorting. He lingers in bed just a little longer hoping, then he grumbles and stumbles , groans and moans and starts to assemble his day. It doesn’t help when friends and family members talk about cold and snow hitting their parts of the world because that just makes the cave look that much more appealing. He knows that there is inspiring things to do, worlds to awaken, consciousness to brighten, and yet he is in a mood where he just doesn’t care. He misses his mate and their little temporary dog and yet he wants to just be alone and curl up under his covers for the duration. He is excited about his newly shaped commitments and inspired by people around him keeping their commitments and as he shuffles around his house keeping those commitments he feels a bit like a virtuous automaton, it’s like he knows he’s doing the right thing but can’t remember for the life of him why? He knows he has to get it together because people he loves are coming to this house that he loves to do some meaningful work, and at the moment he would much prefer to enter a long period of hibernation.

Then at center of this sick bear is a truly powerful core of spirit, soul and universal connection that knows the why of the things that the big ole bear sometimes forgets. There is a bright and sparkly diamond of consciousness, aliveness and creativity that is reaching out to both soothe and heal this coughing bear with patience and compassion and is gently reminding him with persistence and urgency about who he really is and what he is here to do. This diamond is radiating certainty, wisdom and curiosity as it lights up the corners of this old bears consciousness while reassuring him that there will be plenty of time for rest and hanging out in the cave, and that step out he must in order to live into his purpose. As this diamond grows brighter in the big ole bear’s chest he begins to stir and remember who he is, yes he can still feel the tickle in his throat and the urge to cough but all of the draggyness that was clinging to those sensations starts to melt away in the bright light of the diamond as it strengthens the bear and fills him with light. Yes it is still grey and rainy outside but all of the added depressing stuff dissipates and it becomes more exciting to watch the storm blow in and the waves grow in size and the elements flying as they are meant to. Yes the people are still coming and as the light filling the bear begins to radiate out of him he knows that he is on this earth doing this work and it is good and it is on purpose and that he and the people that are coming will all be served by him. Yes this bear both desires to be alone in his cave sometimes and in intimate connection with his beloved sometimes and he is completely clear that one never cancels out the other, that he can both love his beloved and love his alone time and both can love him. The Bear can now stand strong and look over his world and see much possibility for life.

Take a big breath in, shake out a cough, unwrap a cough drop and as you suck on it smile and know that you are all right.

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